Saturday, September 26, 2009


In traditional times, it was a common practice among the native people of Hawai'i to present each other a gift wrapped in ti leaves as a gesture of aloha, ho'okipa (hospitality) and ho'omaika'i (appreciation). This practice has continued into the modern era, where we still honor our guests and special friends with a pū'olo to welcome them into our home and show them how much they mean to us.

Mahalo to Mr Rodney Ito, General Manager, Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa

Our ti leaves contained pears, apples and banana bread!
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Last morning at the Hilton - moving on to the Marriott

We finally managed to get dressed and head over to the Lagoon Tower. After a short ride on the tram, we arrived and disembarked at a store called the Sandal Tree - yes a shoe store much to Don's dismay. Walking past it after a short detour we came to a glass enclosed turtle habitat. There were two of them looking much like desert tortoises. Then we came to a flamingo garden. (Garden in a very loose sense - a couple of plants and a lot of flamingos.) We were actually headed to the Lagoon Grill for coffee when we came across the most interesting place of the trip so far. Hilton has a program called Dolphin Quest. Three pools house a total of twelve dolphins and they have age appropriate programs set up. An oriental couple had signed up their twin boys (about 6-7 yrs old) and we watched them from their initial shyness to becoming completely comfortable patting, rubbing and interacting with the dolphins. It was really hard to leave but, alas, we had to begin the hike back to our room and leave for the Marriott.

The move took very little time since the resorts are virtually side by side. The Hilton is probably eight times larger than the Marriott. Each has it's own special character. Here we have a sand beach should we wish to swim in the ocean. The location is great. This afternoon we walked across the street to the Kings Shops and strolled Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton and other upscale stores. We bought postcards at Whaler's. Back to rest and relax. Tonight's dinner will be here since they have 30% off your entire check - you know how we like bargains!

We are going to try very hard to stay awake past 8:00 pm -- we'll see.

The Big Island - Waikola, Hawaii

Well, I haven't blogged in ages but decided to use this blog as our journal for this trip. We left DFW for Kona the morning of the 24th and, lucky us, got standby first class seats and had an absolutely delightful (but long) trip. Checked into the Hilton Waikoloa (thanks to John Bryson) and wandered off to find our "tower". We were in the Ocean Tower which necessitates a boat or train ride. Yes - this property is that huge! Our room overlooks several pools and the four acre lagoon. It takes lots of footsteps to go anywhere in the hotel but the property is absolutely beautiful. Exhausted, we walked a few steps to the Boat Pavilion restaurant and had a nice quiet (quick) dinner. I'm embarrassed to say but we were in bed by 7:30pm. Of course, this resulted in both of us being awake at 4:00 am. We definitley got an early start on the day. There are so many places to explore and that's exactly what we did. The afternoon was capped off by playing their 18hole, par 36, putting course. We each managed one birdie (one putt) and lots of bogeys. There is no reason to post the final score but let it be said I prevailed by one stroke!!

Dinner last night was at the Chinese restaurant, Kirin. It was very good. Don has moo shu chicken and I had dim sum. Then we picked up a couple of mai-tais and sat on the lanai and gazed at the ocean and the waning sun. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting and listening to crashing waves and the sway of the palm trees.

Today it's time to pack up our things and move to the Waikoloa Marriott for the next seven nights. It's 7:00 am and we've been up for about two hours. We still have lots of exploring to do here so we're off to visit the Lagoon Tower and all that is on that side of the property.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Where has the summer gone? It's hard to believe that it's already the 8th (I think) of August. We've had a fun time.......lots of pool time, Newport Beach with Christopher (almost 15) and Charlotte (9), family time in Bakersfield. There have been challenging times too - our annual budget work session. Everyone is going to be struggling a bit this coming year, including the City of Euless. Our staff did a great job on stretching all our dollars and planning contingencies for the coming years.

We're home for about a month and a half, then it's off to Hawaii ~ my favorite place on earth. This year we will be going to the big island for the first week followed by a week at Ko O'lina. It always feels like we're coming home when we arrive at Ko O'lina. Growth changes it a little bit each year but never so much that it ruins the ambience.

I've been spending more time on Facebook because it truly is fun to catch up with old friends, young friends, family and former co-workers! Thanks to all who take the time to blog and post on Facebook. Audrey Her wins my award for most gifted blogger. She has such a talent for writing. I truly appreciate her health tips and the smiles she always puts on my face. Thanks Audrey!

Well I guess I need to go and finish up my laundry.....hope Monday starts a great week for everyone!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blogging vs. Facebook

Okay gang...which is the way to go? Which is easier for you? I'm struggling to keep up with both. I love the instant gratification of Facebook. I love the thought and introspection of blogging. I'm at a lost -- please tell me your thoughts!